Which product should I choose? Is this one better for me than the other?

We often receive questions concerning our products and the ones above are among the most common. People want to know which Pure Natura supplement would be best for them, how much to take, when during the day and how to take them, etc.
All Pure Natura products derive from food and may be consumed as food, alone or with other food. There is no fixed time of the day better than other; it all depends on what suits you best. With your breakfast in the morning or later during the day. Some like to take their vitamins in the morning so they can make the most of them during their working hours, other later in the day or in the evening, the choice is yours. If you forget you don´t need to worry, just take the supplements when you remember and continue with your day.

Additional tip: A “kick-start” is good when you start using our products. The first 1-2 weeks you can take four capsules daily, then reduce it down to two capsules, and maintain that dosage. You can then choose to try other product from our selection or continue with your initial choice.

Even though our products are very good, it may be good to rotate between them, versatility is good for your body. We recommend that you rotate, to maximize their benefits and get the widest range of nutrients. You can start with one bottle of Pure Nutrition, and then try Pure Power. Rotating the products is good for your body.

Pure Nutrition.
This product is a nutritional bomb – only made from pure lamb liver. It contains a large amount of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is great for those who need to refresh themselves with nourishment, such as iron and vitamin B-complex. They assist sustaining and maintaining energy. Pure Nutrition is an excellent supplement for children in their growth and a great addition to elderly’s diet, whose appetite is often not good and therefore lack nutrients through their diet. This product is suitable for those in search for a first class nutrition.

Pure liver.
This product is a mixture of lamb liver and wild herbs. It contains a bit smaller amount of lamb liver than Pure Nutrition, yet sufficient amount for consumers to benefit from all it´s good nutrients. In addition, the consumer receives the cleansing, detoxifying, immune-strengthening and inflammatory- & edema-releasing effects of added herbs. It is particularly popular by women, but is equally beneficial for men. Due to its effects, this mixture is our favorite in our female driven company. Pure liver includes good nutrition and organ support for the liver.

Pure Heart.
Nutrition and organ support for the heart.The product is made of lamb heart and wild herbs and contains the same nutrients as found in our own heart muscle, i.e. protein, B12 and Coenzyme Q10. The added herbs are powerful, sedative, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. This mixture is intended especially for those who want to nourish their body, mainly the heart, and those who are in their middle age. Pure Heart is also good in alternation with other Pure Natura products, for variation of nutrients and activity.

Pure Power.
Pure Power is a dynamic mixture of lamb liver and lamb heart, combined with selected herbs. Those herbs are known for their immune strengthening properties as well as their positive effects on resistance to stress. This blend is suitable for those who want to maximize their performance under physical and mental stress, such as athletes. During stressful periods, the dosage can be doubled, e.g. during tournaments, test sessions, and other stressful periods. This product offers general support through nutrition and herbs.

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