Volcanic Icelandic soil

All over the world, minerals are disappearing from agricultural soils at an alarming rate.The soil in the North American continent has had an average of 85% mineral depletion over the past 100 years, in Europe it is 72% and in Asia it is 76%. This staggering decline in mineral values can be traced to “modern” policy food production and industrialization of agriculture – extended use of fertilizers and “maximum yield” mass farming methods.

These news are not good to humanity and their livestock, who rely on the food produced in this very same soil to supply them with essential nutrients. Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner said “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” This may seem exaggeration but makes perfect sense, considering that minerals are the most basic building blocks for proper nutrition and health. Without them, nothing else works. Amino acids and enzymes don`t work and so vitamins and other nutrients don`t get broken down and absorbed properly. We can end up with major deficiencies in both vitamins and minerals, where the result is a chain reaction where nothing in the body works as it should.

Iceland is a volcano island and it´s soil is a volcanic soil, which is very fertile after it has had the chance to weather, break down and release it´s nutrients. In the same way, volcanic ash which is spread all over the country, can be considered as a time-release capsule, rich in nutrients that benefits life in Iceland. The lambs grazing on this mineral rich soil and the wild Icelandic herbs used in Pure Natura’s products enjoy the privilege of this, giving us the opportunity to provide our customers with high quality products made from some of the finest raw material there is.

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