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Nutrition for women

The market for sports nutrition supplements is rapidly expanding. It has evolved from being aimed at athletes and bodybuilders to a wider group of people and includes health-conscious consumers in general.

This is due to a vast amount of fitness and healthy living trends that have emerged via social media platforms in recent years.

Growing popularity of fitness and health, organic foods, dietary supplements and various other complimentary and alternative methods and non-traditional healthy living techniques call for a rapid growth of the industry around this type of nutrition.

One area with huge potential is formulations specifically geared toward female athletes. As more women across a range of ages are taking up fitness and training activities seriously, demand for supplements that meet their specific needs is rising.

Until recently sports formulas have been manufactured for men with their goals and needs in mind. Women are in many ways different from men so this approach does not necessary apply to them. There is the biological differences between the sexes as well as the fact that the goals of women’s and men’s sports training are not necessarily the same. Many female athletes aspire to be fit and toned, as opposed to building bulky muscle mass. And women want products that improve performance, speed up recovery and reduce fatigue. In addition to all this, the nutritional needs of women also vary and change throughout their lives (see article ). All of this calls for different sports nutritional products for women than for men.



This is a nutrient that women of all ages should be careful not to lack. The body produces a small amount of it, but that is not in sufficient quantities to meet demand and therefore it needs to come from food. Choline is the latest nutrient to receive a Reference Daily Intake (RDI) and is classified with the B vitamins although it is not actually a vitamin.  In 2016, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition estimated that nearly 90% of people did not get enough choline in their diets.

Choline has many roles in the body. It affects the liver by assisting it in cleaning out toxins and transporting fats out of the liver for conversion to energy. It is important for the brain and its development, for cellular structure and activity, muscle movement and nervous system. It is necessary for other B vitamins to produce energy and is an important factor in increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles (through its connection with the vasodilator nitric oxide). Like other B vitamins, choline has  calming effect and can work against nervous tension and stress.

Choline consumption is especially vital to physically active people engaging in sustained intensive exercise, which depletes choline levels. Without adequate choline levels, the body will break down cells to ensure the brain gets enough.

Those most prone to choline deficiency are female athletes, postmenopausal women and pregnant women ( choline is very important to normal development of the fetus.)

Choline provides critical benefits before, during and after exercise. It provides fuel for energy production and ensures that muscle communication with the brain is optimal.

The marketing people for sports nutrition and supplements know this. Therefor supplements specially made for female athletes contain choline in sufficient amount so that there is no risk of lack, even during intensive exercise.

Lamb liver contains choline

Various foods are rich in choline, especially beef, lamb and pork liver. In addition to choline, they also contain the other B-vitamins in high amount, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and protein.

The Pure Natura whole food supplement, made from Icelandic lamb liver and other organ meat is an ideal sports nutrition for female athletes as well as for other health conscious people. Given that women depend on their bodies to be healthy and energetic and their brains to function well, it would be wise to view the need for adequate choline intake in the context of everyday life, not just in the gym.

Pure Natura whole food supplements from lamb liver are great supplements, packed with choline and other nutrients for maintaining and enhancing good health, endurance and energy. They are made from raw material that give nutrients in a form that the body knows as food and can use as such. Suitable for people on paleo and ketogenic diets.



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