Raw Food

Most raw food contains enzymes, which are specialized catalysts, who stimulate chemical reactions in the cells. These enzymes, which are in live raw food, e.g. vegetables, start to break down when heated above 40° C (104 °F) and almost all enzymes are incapacitated at temperatures above 47°C. (117 °F).
The human body produces enzymes that are essential for digestion, but enzymes in food also assist the digestion. If enzymes in the food are incapacitated due to heating, for example, the body needs to produce more digestive enzymes than otherwise to digest the food.
At the age of 20, the enzyme production starts to decrease and keeps on decreasing steadily for the rest of our life.
Food which has been boiled contains little or no active enzymes.
Some believe that the long-term consumption of such food leads to an excessive burden on the pancreas and its ability to produce sufficient amount of digestive enzymes. Thus, the consumer over time loses its ability to digest the food.

Neither Black nor White
Studies indicate that some types of food are better to eat raw while eating other cooked can be more beneficial. In, such cases the process of cooking solves the nutrients better. This applies, for example, to tomatoes, where the antioxidant lycopene is much more accessible after cooking than before. Certain vitamins, especially those who are water-soluble (e.g. C and B) are sensitive to cooking and can be lost from food during that process. The length of the cooking time, the method and the temperature all play a role. The longer time the cooking takes and the higher the temperature, the higher risk of nutrients going lost.

Pure Natura Process
We believe that balance and common sense are the keywords that apply to our choice of food. Most of us can surely add more raw vegetables and fruits to our diets. We tend to lean towards a mixture of cooked and raw foods according to our personal needs and taste. Pure Natura’s supplements are a good addition for those that lack raw food in their daily diet. These supplements are in fact raw food. The production process of our products is very mild and follows strong procedures of our quality control, which ensures both quality and safety at the same time. The material is fast-dried by temperature just above freezing point, in order to preserve as well as possible and to deliver to the consumer, enzymes and other sensitive ingredients, which are found both in the glands/meat and the herbs. Pure Natura’s goal is to produce high-quality supplements, which deliver the raw material’s great quality and uniqueness to the consumer.

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