Our DETOX blend helps to support healthy liver function and detoxification pathways, healthy metabolism, and reduce chronic low-grade inflammation and edema.

Support your body to better health, better skin, and better vitality with this cleansing and detox supporting formula.

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DETOX is a unique blend of Icelandic lamb liver and wild handpicked Icelandic herbs. This formula is packed with a wide variety of bioavailable nutrients from lamb liver that support the liver and body. In addition, it includes specific herbs like Birch leaves, Dandelion root, and Angelica seeds, herbs known for their beneficial health-inducing and detoxifying properties.

DETOX is a natural source of Iron, CoQ10, B12, Riboflavin (B2), Copper, Zinc, Choline, Vitamin A, and many other important nutrients.

All products from Pure Natura are made from 100% Free-Range & Grass-Fed Icelandic lamb organs and the wild herbs are handpicked from Icelandic Nature.

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