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POWER is specifically designed for those who want increased energy and power. A formula that is well suited for athletes, people working heavy labor jobs, students, or anyone under mental or physical stress on a daily basis.

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POWER is a dynamic blend of Icelandic lamb liver and lamb hearts, combined with carefully selected, handpicked herbs. These herbs are known for their immune-strengthening properties as well as their positive effects on stress. The blend is suitable for those who want to maximize their performance under physical and/or mental stress, such as athletes or those exposed to much stress at school or in the workplace.

POWER is a natural source of Iron, CoQ10, B12, Riboflavin (B2), Copper, Zinc, Choline, Vitamin A, and many other important nutrients.

All products from Pure Natura are made from 100% Free-Range & Grass-Fed Icelandic lamb organs and the wild herbs are handpicked from Icelandic Nature.

3 reviews for POWER

  1. Hólmfríður

    I’ve always had the tendency to be low on energy and vigor. But after taking POWER I’m full of energy and vigor!

  2. Rakel Sturlu

    POWER is my favorite! My oldest daughter takes it regularly for menstrual pain relief and I take it every day and find it best to take POWER and LIVER together for the biggest energy boost ?

  3. Telma Ösp

    Power gives me extra energy and endurance when I’m training a lot. 100% recommend!

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