Traditional icelandic nutrition for a modern lifestyle

Enjoy the benefits of consuming lamb organ meat from the clean environment of the Icelandic Highlands. Incredibly nutritious and loaded with minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are vital to our health.

Pure Natura products

Natures supplements from a clean environment

Icelandic lamb and herbs

The icelandic lamb roams freely out in the highlands during summer, feeding on wild grass, flowers and herbs.

Nutrients of natural origin

Our products are packed with nutrients, enzimes and vitamins of natural origin that benefit your body.

Quality production methods

Our production methods garantee that all the good ingredients are preserved and nothing is added.

GMO free

Iceland has a strict GMO policy and because our products originate from Iceland you can be sure that no products are genetically modified

The best vitamins for women

Nutrition women need Good health is based on nutrition, proper pure water intake, regular exercise, sufficient rest and mental and emotional...

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The vast majority of people are aware, that the food they eat has an impact on physical health. But what about mood and mental wellbeing... does it...

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The chart below lists the micro-nutrient content of broccoli, apples, oats and lamb liver. These foods are all known to be extra nutrient-rich and,...

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Elements of health

People who take dietary supplements do so to get more vitamins and/or minerals into their diet. But how well does the body make use of these...

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Eating glands and organ meat

Consumption of glands and organs is not new. Throughout history, glands have been used along with various other parts of farm animals for health...

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