Our Story

Throughout history, women have been giving and taking care of life. It was their responsibility to make healthy food from the resources they had and to keep family members alive and in good health. However, in the last few decades , things have changed and various feminine values have been pushed aside for more tangible ones. Money became a leading role in peoples’ life and food production was industrialized and largely removed from the households. Large companies and corporations have increasingly taken over food production putting all focus on producing food with the largest emphasise on making profits and not always carrying if the food was nutritious, healthy and good for people to consume.

The consequences of this, among others are; poor diet for many and malnutrition among large groups of people such as the elderly, increase in chronic diseases, bad treatment of agricultural land through factory farming and large-scale industrial food production, food waste and reduced social responsibility.

Today we have an epidemic of obesity and malnutrition at the same time, even in the same individual.

We at Pure Natura are very aware of this, and it is the company’s idea to try to change this.

Sounds like a rather bold decision and a large task, but at the same time it´s also very simple, humble and plain. We look to Mother Nature and she knows no waste! In Nature there is no trash– everything is used for something. We, as part of Nature, need to embrace this attitude and change our ways, look around and learn. That’s how we humans can get out of the dilemma we’ve gotten ourselves into, caused by ignorance, arrogance and greed. We have to remember the time when we were a part of Mother Nature, a part of a system of sustainability and wholeness.

Pure Natura´s contribution to this is multifaceted. We turn waste into value. In a world where many die from hunger, it is of great importance that full utilization of agricultural raw materials becomes reality as soon as possible.

Pure Natura takes precious ingredients that are little used in Iceland today for human feed and turns them into valuable supplements.

We combine old knowledge from the grandmothers of the world with new technology to create a company that leads from the heart and cares for life in its big and complex form.

There are a few key things to consider: respect, fairness, sustainability, social responsibility, balance and common sense. Our vision is to run the operation on a win-win basis so everyone involved benefits; the animals (due to good living conditions during their lifetime), the farmers (by getting betters prices for their products), the slaughterhouse owners (reduced disposal costs), the environment (less pollution of water and soil), the consumers (better health and increased quality of life), the community (job creation/taxes) and the company (profit).

Pure Natura is run by women and so far, only women work there. The company is located in Northern-Iceland, where there is a decline in population, which is largely attributable to lack of women’s jobs. Our company aims to employ women, which makes it an important input for the society. We want to be a role model for business entrepreneurs by showing that it’s possible to run businesses on a win-win basis.

We are planting small seeds, but we are certain that they will flourish and sprout into something noticeable. Pure Natura is a Start-up company – We call them “sprouts” in Icelandic. Thank you for choosing our products. By choosing them, you are watering our seeds so that they can sprout and flourish.


Our values are purity, quality, safety and professionalism.

To secure safety for our customers and make sure they get only the best quality products. We carefully select the organs and glands for our products, so that they always come from the purest 100% grass fed lambs raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO´s.

For the same reason Pure Natura only uses high quality wild crafted herbs that grow in the unspoiled Icelandic nature and therefore are free from added toxins or fertilizer.

We strive to develop our products based on the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition and technology. At the same time we build on the foundation of our ancestors in the use of traditional foods.


Our vision is to become recognized as a provider of the purest, highest quality functional foods and organ supplement available on the market by:

  • Using only high standard, purest raw materials for our products
  • Aiming for optimal health through quality nutrition
  • Supporting sustainable food production
  • Using the leading technology systems and quality control at all times
  • Providing excellent customer care
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