Our story

Our story

From Sauðárkrókur, Iceland

Better Nutrition with
Pure Natura



Throughout history the Icelandic people have depended on highly nutritious and bioavailable foods to thrive in natures harsh environments.
The only way for our ancestors to survive the extreme winter conditions was to ensure robust physical health and fitness through optimal nutrition. This is why organ meats and glands were highly prized throughout generations for their incredibly rich nutritional content and bioavailability.
Sadly the modern world has largely forgotten the incredible value these foods hold and therefore in today’s world it’s increasingly harder to access good quality organ meats.
Pure Natura has created the solution for this by utilising the organs and glands from our pure, free roaming Icelandic lambs to make the most powerful supplement formula.
These animals roam free their entire life in the pristine wilderness of Iceland and their diet is entirely based on what the Icelandic nature has to offer.
Using a top of the line freeze-drying process that preserves all ingredients to the greatest capacity, we’ve managed to produce one of the purest and most nutrient rich products on the market.
This has enabled us to make this Icelandic superfood easily accessible to help you take your health, vitality and fitness to the next level.






Our mission at Pure Natura is to help you get the highest quality nutritional support for optimum energy, health and peak performance.

We’ve utilised an ancient Icelandic superfood along with wild hand picked herbs to formulate a truly unique, nutrient rich, food based supplement. 

One batch at a time!

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