Wild Crafted Icelandic Herbs

The synergy of the chosen glands and the herbs is what we aim for in our mixtures. The herbs in Pure Natura´s mixtures are all grow wild in the Icelandic countryside and have been carefully selected in regards to their positive activity, known for centuries. The powerful function of Icelandic herbs is known among herbalists and can undoubtedly be connected to the good growing conditions, such as mineral rich soil and slow growth.

Wild crafted Icelandic herbs are truly wild

The herbs grow in the wilderness under the best conditions, with sufficient sunlight, clean water and air, in unpolluted, fertile volcanic soil. They are carefully selected and hand picked in a sustainable way so that there is no risk of damaging the environment and vegetation that is used.
We only use herbs that there is abundant of, so there is no risk of over-exploitation or lack of raw materials. No toxic chemicals or fertilizers are used on these plants, nor are they picked close to places where such material is used. No herbs which are considered dangerous are used in our products.

It´s a bit remarkable that some of the main herbs that Pure Natura uses in it´s mixtures are by many considered “weeds”. These include herbs such as lupine, sweet cicely and dandelion. It is a pleasure to re-introduce these herbal-alliance and share with you their unique and positive function.
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