Functional Food

The name functional food stands for food that has the purpose to work in a positive manner/ways for the consumer.

Functional food is food that has natural bio-active ingredients and not synthesized in a laboratory. Food from natural sources that give additional health benefits over traditional food are considered functional foods. For example: fruits, pickled and fermented dairy products, vegetables, fish and fiber.

With increased understanding of the relationship between diet and health, more and more people focus on prevention rather than treatment of illnesses. Many people have changed their lifestyle and diet to avoid buying expensive drugs. Chronic diseases that can be related to unhealthy lifestyles are extremely costly for the individual and society and therefore emphasis should be on healthy choices. Derived from these facts, the concept of functional food evolved.

Production of functional food is considered to be the fastest growing niche in the food industry market at the moment.

The philosophy behind functional food fits extremely well with the values of Pure Natura and the development of their production and products.

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