Nature knows best – Thought of the day

Today Pure Natura is officially opening its webpage and it is therefore appropriate to talk a little about the purpose of our company – what is it that we’re going to do?

Well, we’re going to make food supplements from Icelandic raw material; organs and glands from lambs mixed with wild herbs and vegetables.

Well, why should we do that? Is there any need for additional supplements in the oceans of supplements already on the market? Yes, we do think there is need for our products, in fact we’re absolutely sure there is a dire need. People may not know yet, but we do believe they will agree when they understand what they are all about.

Made by nature

Nature knows best - Lupine is a hardy plant that can survive under difficult conditionsOur products are unique because they are made by nature itself and our bodies know how to work with and make the best use of them. That is more than can be said about many other supplements and drugs, many that are made in laboratories are foreign to our bodies and sometimes they may do more harm than good. To take an example I’ll mention a vitamin from the group of B-vitamins, since there’s abundant of those in our products. This particular vitamin-B is folic acid. In nature it’s found in another form called folate, which is for instance found in green vegetables such as spinach and organ meats like the ones we’re using in our products.

For many years women of childbearing age have been advised to supplement with it, in order to lessen the risk of their babies developing NTD, which stands for a major birth defect caused by abnormal development of the neural tube. For that it has proven to be effective, but in children, men, and women beyond their childbearing years, supplementation with folic acid, may be a risky business.  In fact, there are worrying signals that it may raise cancer risks, possibly by “feeding” existing cancers.

Nature knows best

While scientists find out about that, we at Pure Natura have nature on our side and don’t need to worry. It is our believe that there is no source for nourishment better than real food  and that you may be better off relying only on food sources for folate rather than taking chances with folic acid.
The vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients in our products come in the form that is familiar to our bodies, that can be easily absorbed, and that will be utilized and used only for the benefit of the consumer.
These in fact are the reasons for us believing in developing functional food products and supplements for modern man, from raw “old fashion” material. These raw materials, made by nature itself, have a long history with humans, but have become forgotten to the last generations due to modern food industry policy and maybe lack of awareness.
It is time to change that and reintroduce these super foods to the general public, in a form that is convenient and affordable for everyone so that we all can enjoy the health benefits and wellness they provide.

Through Pure Natura’s supplements and functional foods we give you a taste of Iceland. Enjoy !

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