Making Sense of the Clean Label Concept

Over the past few years, consumers have been looking more and more for products with cleaner label. Health-conscious consumers want to know what they put into their bodies and it can be said that clean label is the new norm when it comes to food and beverage products. 73% of consumers are willing to pay extra for such ingredients and in year 2017 Clean label represented 33% of the total food and beverage market.

What is clean label ?
In the eyes of the consumers, clean label generally equates to ingredients that they understand, recognize and trust; that are natural and minimally processed; and contain no additives or preservatives.
Yet the clean label concept is difficult to clearly define, as it is a concept that incorporates different trends and it can have different meaning from one customer to another. It encompasses a broad range of concepts from transparency, all-natural, organic, non-GMO, free-from to locally grown. But clean label is not just about the ingredient lists or what is advertised on a packaging. Corporate sustainability and responsibility are essential for consumers to assess the quality of a product, and in order to do so, they call for more transparency of the whole supply chain. Every aspect is important, the product´s impact on the environment and people, if the supply chain follows ethical rules, and if a company is socially responsible.

Keep it simple:
How can customers know whether a product is clean label or not ?
Products with shorter ingredients list are seen as “cleaner” than those with a longer list. The same can be said about products that are free from fillers, binders and other additives.
Clean label have reinforced the demand for simplicity and higher quality ingredients. By replacing artificial ingredients with natural alternatives consumers have a “cleaner” product.
Different trends are included in the clean label concept, such as “gluten-free”, “non-GMO”, “organic, and “all-natural”.
Clean label movement also affects packaging materials and design, aiming for more simple and clear packaging. Acknowledged signs or logos such as Fair trade, The swan, KRAV, Blue angel and more give customers easily visible information on how a product is produced thus making it easier for customers to sort out the clean label products.

Clean label Pure Natura
Our products tick in all the clean label boxes: They are all natural, made from recognized and minimally processed ingredients. Besides having a short ingredients list without any additives, they bear the logo of the sheep farmers association of Iceland, emphasizing the unspoiled Icelandic countryside where lambs are grass fed and free roaming. Animal welfare, impact on the environment and the people involved are positive. The Pure Natura company is socially responsible by turning waste material from meat production into value and in doing so providing precious jobs, paying taxes, lessening pollution of earth, water and air, promoting sustainable meat production and producing products that increase quality of people’s lives and lower health care cost.



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