Eating glands and organ meat

Consumption of glands and organs is not new. Throughout history, glands have been used along with various other parts of farm animals for health purposes. Previously it was common knowledge that the consumption of certain body parts of animals and fish had a good impact on the health and well being of the consumer. They were also specially consumed to prevent certain ailments, for instance was liver eaten to avoid anemia. Its only in the last decades that consumption of offal foods declined in the western world and today it is primarily muscle meat that is used for human consumption. This happens despite the fact that the organs of animals, bred naturally and fed normal feed, such as grass, is one of the most nutritious foods available. Organ meat can therefore rightly be labeled as super food. Most people eating typic al western diet would benefit from adding this food to their diet.

Now it is possible for people who either do not have access to such food or don´t want to eat them in their crude form, to enjoy the benefits of this highly nutritious food. It´s our pleasure to offer you our desiccated organs and gland-supplements made from the worlds finest raw materials.

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