Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality
nutritional support for optimal health, energy, and performance!


 We have pioneered the combination of the original Icelandic superfood, organ meats, along with wild hand picked herbs to formulate a truly unique, nutrient rich, food based supplement. 


Originally founded by three entrepreneurial women, Pure Natura is rooted in a small town in the northern part of Iceland. All production still occurs in this small town called Sauðárkrókur and is run by CEO and Co-Founder Hildur Magnusdottir.

Our goal has stayed the same from the start. To offer high-quality whole-food nutritional supplements without sacrificing quality, safety, and the natural environment.

The company was founded on a win-win basis. Help people achieve better health while at the same time ensuring the welfare of all the animals involved, supporting farmers, reducing disposal costs for the slaughterhouses, minimizing environmental pollution, and providing job opportunities for the community.
So far, this has been successful for us, and we will strive to ensure these conditions are met at all times.



After chronic health struggles in her thirties, Hildur attended a seminar for women in hopes of finding solutions to her health problems. There, she discovered the great strength of natural ingredients like organ meat, glandular, and herbs.

This sparked an idea in her mind to utilize these ingredients from Icelandic nature, which later blossomed into Pure Natura.

Hildur decided in 2015 to make Pure Natura a reality and start producing the highest quality food supplement available, exclusively from Icelandic ingredients.

Before Pure Nature, Hildur worked as a business consultant for the local authorities in NW Iceland. Upon starting Pure Nature, she decided to quit her job and hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Hildur lives on a farm in Skagafjordur with her husband, three kids, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals. The family lives mainly off their land, growing many of their own fruits and vegetables and planting trees to support the environment.

Hildur spends most of her free time in nature, taking long horseback rides and relaxing in geothermal waters.


Rafn is a health coach and head fitness trainer at one of the leading fitness facilities in Iceland.
After years of competitive powerlifting, Rafn changed gears and took a deep dive into health.

Since then, Rafn has developed an obsession for optimizing health in every way. From nutrition, sleep, and movement to breathing, mental and spiritual growth.

Rafn has always been fascinated with ancestral ways of living and ancient history. This fascination has made him look at health differently through an evolutionary lens.
This view sparked his passion for organ meats and their unique nutritional qualities.

Today, Rafn continues to pursue his thirst for knowledge in the health space while also helping people achieve better health through coaching, lecturing, writing books, and running a successful health podcast called “360 Health”, where he interviews experts in the field.






We at Pure Natura strive for the utmost purity of our products at all times. For that, we rely on the unspoiled nature of Iceland. Icelandic lambs are released immediately after birth to graze freely in the rolling valleys and mountain pastures of our pure, unspoiled, and nutrient-rich landscape. This means they are 100% free-range and 100% free from growth-promoting antibiotics, growth hormones, and non-GMO. They are quite simply reared on the goodness of the Icelandic environment. The wild herbs we use are also grown and handpicked from the unspoiled Icelandic soil.



We believe our products’ quality lies in the fact that we produce whole food supplements straight from nature. We are under the impression that nature knows better, making whole food nutrition the best way to achieve an optimal health and wellness state. To ensure the greatest preservation of all nutrients, we use a NASA freeze-drying technology to encapsulate our products safely in their raw form.  



To ensure consumer safety, we take great care to source only high-quality Icelandic materials in our production. We utilize the organs and glands from Free-Range lambs raised in the best possible conditions, getting a species-appropriate diet of 100% fresh Icelandic grass and wild herbs from the hills of Iceland. Icelandic sheep farming’s purity enables us to offer 100% pesticide, hormone, antibiotic, and GMO-free superfoods to our customers.



For us at Pure Natura, transparency is critical so that you can trust in us to provide you with products of the highest integrity. From ingredient sourcing to our views on all-around lifestyle factors, we encourage questioning conventional wisdom. We strive to develop our products based on the latest knowledge in nutrition and technology while also building on the foundation of our ancestors with the use of traditional foods.


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