Important nutrients for men

Most men, who eat clean and healthy foods get the nutrients they need from their food. By eating healthy they build and maintain good health. However, men who eat typical Western diet (high calorie/low nutrition), experience nutrient deficiencies. They often lack vegetables and fruits in their diet and get too little exposure to sunlight. Magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency is common.
Some men need special supplements if their physical condition, for some reason, is not as it should be. This could for example be due to a disease, defect metabolism or some other abnormal condition.
There are many things that influence the nutrient status of an individual. Everyday strain takes its toll; toxins and hormone-disruptive substances from the environment, work-related stress, insufficient sleep, lack of physical activity, money concerns, drug use and other lifestyle related things affect how much an individual needs of specific nutrients and how well they are absorbed and utilized.
Although each one is unique, some vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with oils are essential for the normal functioning of mind and body in all humans. These are the same as those listed in the blog about the most important nutritional ingredients for women. See here: and read both.
In addition to these nutrients that everyone needs there are substances that men especially need, the main ones are listed below. We also list substances that support testosterone production and prostate health.

By ensuring that there is no lack of proper nutrients, overall health will be improved; muscle mass and muscle strength better, metabolism normal and energy, sleep and sexual health better. In addition to that there will be certain protection against cardiovascular disease, colon and prostate cancer.

First, we should mention…
1. Vitamin D: Although vitamin D is considered to be a vitamin, it can be said that it is more a hormone than vitamin, because when it comes to an active form in the body it acts like a hormone. It has an enormously diverse role to play in the health of men. Lack of it can increase the risk of osteoporosis, colon cancer and prostate cancer.
This vitamin is a key factor in maintaining normal testosterone levels and low levels of vitamin D may be the reason for low testosterone levels in some men. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, lead to various health related problems such as sleep apnoea, slower metabolism, fatigue, decreased libido and others.
Not all food contains a significant amount of vitamin D. It is formed in the skin when ultraviolet light shines on it. Commonly, there is a lack of vitamin D, especially in areas where limited sunlight is present for a large part of the year. Men who are not sunbathing on regular basis should therefore take this vitamin as a dietary supplement. Vitamin D supplement is a cheap and simple way to benefit health. Be sure to check the quality. It helps if the vitamin is combined with vitamin K2. – they work together.

2. Magnesium – This is one of the most important nutrients for men, but yet, lack of it is very common. Magnesium is necessary to activate vitamin D – which, as mentioned before, is essential for good health. Food containing high magnesium reduces the risk of colon cancer and inflammatory diseases. This important mineral has a positive role to play in chronic prostatitis, which can cause permanent pain in the pelvic and surrounding areas. Such a condition is not uncommon in men around and mid-age and older. Magnesium is known as the anti-stress-mineral, and its ingestion can have significant positive effects to diminish negative impact of stress on the body. It helps in the fight against depression and anxiety, but in addition to having a good effect on the nerves, it works well for palpitations, muscle cramps and constipation. Magnesium accelerates the bodies healing from physical strain and effort associated with sports and sports activities. People who drink a lot of alcohol usually lack magnesium.
Magnesium supplements may increase blood levels of testosterone, especially if men exercise fitness as they take it. Magnesium effects the blood sugar levels in a positive way as well as the formation of protein and its intake increases muscle strength.
From food, magnesium is obtained from dark leafy vegetables such as spinach and also from almonds, figs and nuts. From animal based sources, the heart muscle of a slaughtered animal contains the most magnesium; approximately 10 times more than is found in other animal tissue.

3. Omega 3 fatty acid: This polyunsaturated fatty acid has anti-inflammatory effect and is good for those suffering from rheumatism, diabetes and asthma. It is also good for the cardiovascular system and it lowers cholesterol. When choosing omega 3 oil, use only high quality, cold pressed oils.

4. Boron – trace element: Boron is essential for bone and joint health because it supports the action of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, that work together to develop bone formation. According to recent studies, Boron also has very positive activity against prostate cancer and its metastases. Boron also has anti-inflammatory effects elsewhere in the body, such as for those who suffer from osteoarthritis. As people grow older, it becomes more important for them to get enough Boron in their body. They can do that by eating plenty of organic raisins, almonds, apricots, apples, prunes and dates or take it as a supplement.

Testosterone –
It is important for both men and women. This hormone increases the sense of well-being, muscle development, boosts libido and sexual pleasure. It also works with other hormones to maintain good health. Low levels of testosterone cause a variety of health problems such as high cholesterol, premature aging, muscle and bone loss, blood sugar imbalance, lack of energy, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. Also, lack can cause memory disturbances and depression.
With age, the amount of testosterone in the body decreases. It may also decrease due to oral intake of certain drugs such as statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) and toxins, such as the herbicide Roundup. Stress reduces testosterone – the stress hormone cortisol blocks its activity and inhibits its production. Being overweight affects the amount of testosterone produced in the body, so it is important to control the weight. In addition physical activity as well as a reasonable fasting increases testosterone production.
The body needs certain nutrients to create this hormone and below are some foods that are good to support the testosterone production:
1. Pomegranate – or pomegranate.
2. Organic extra virgin olive oil – watch out here, choose only high quality oil.
3. Coconut – a source of healthy saturated fat necessary for testosterone production.
4. Oysters – contain a lot of zinc.
5. Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower help the body get rid of estrogen hormones and increase the amount of testosterone available to the body.
6. Whey-protein – may increase the body’s production of testosterone and reduce its production of cortisol – which inhibits testosterone. Certain dairy products such as high-quality cheeses and whey contain amino acids called Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), and studies point to that the consumption of these amino acids increases testosterone levels. These amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Whey-protein contains about 25% of BCAA amino acids.

7. Garlic – Contains allicin, which reduces the amount of cortisol in the body. As it decreases, the body can make better use of the testosterone produced, and production increases.
8. Herbs such as Ashwagandha and Ginger are known to encourage testosterone production.

Finally it is worth remembering that good rest and adequate sleep are important for maintaining testosterone levels and general good health.

Prostate Health:
Various supplements and herbs are known to support the prostate gland and below is a list of some of them:
Turmeric and its active substance Curcuma. It has anti-inflammatory effect.
Saw Palmetto extract. The berries from this herb have long been used by native Native Americans for food and as a herbal remedy for the reproductive and urinary system.
Angelica leaves have proven to be of assistance for many men with enlarged prostate, as well as for those who have an overactive bladder or a reduced bladder volume.
Cranberries have been shown to be helpful for men with prostate inflammation and the associated symptoms such as frequent urination. They are known to prevent urinary tract infections and their symptoms.
Stinging nettle has good effect on inflamed and enlarged prostate gland and the associated symptoms. It also has a positive effect on testosterone levels.
Zinc aids in sperm production and has balancing effect on the prostate. The function of the immune system, protein production and the production of the DNA, as well as cell division, are all related to the amount of Zink in the body. Zinc deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction. High sweating can cause Zinc to be lost and lack of it may potentially cause prostate hyperplasia and atherosclerosis. Zinc is easily lost with modern food production methods and therefore men may consider taking it as food supplement.
Selenium – Men seem to have more need for selenium than women. About half of the needed amount is stored in their testicles. It is good to take selenium with vitamin E, they work well together.

Other things to consider:

Estrogen is a vital hormone in female development and promotes the development and maintenance of female characteristics of the body. These hormones also affect men and today, there is much discussion about estrogen dominance. That means that there are abnormally high levels of estrogen-mimicking substances in our environment. They can preoccupy hormone receptors, increase feminine symptoms in men and interfere with normal physical activity. These are e.g. phthalates and BPA (bisphenoal-a) from plastic. They can be found widely, in food and in products for household and everyday use – ending up in our bodies. They reduce testosterone production and fertility and cause various other undesirable disturbances in normal development in boys and sexual health of adult males.
Toxic substances in food, such as herbicides and insecticides, parabens in cosmetics, solvents, fire retardants and food products made from unfermented, genetically modified soya all have negative effect on men´s wellbeing and sexual health.
At all cost men should try to avoid consuming foods that contain these ingredients and stay away from hormone-disrupting substances in the environment.

Extra good for men:

Beetroots can be labelled as superfood for everyone, but men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may find the greatest benefit from ingesting it. It contains large amount of nitrate, that bacteria in the mouth turn into nitrite when chewed. Nitrite is a stable physiological reservoir of Nitric Oxide, which dilates blood vessels and thus increases blood flow to the penis. It also has a good effect on the cardiovascular system and balances blood pressure.

Protein – Proteins are the muscles building blocks. In order for men to maintain their muscle mass, they need to get a sufficient amount of protein from their diets. The protein also provides long lasting energy, enabling concentration and strength between meals. Foods rich in protein are eggs, dairy products, meat, certain beans and various kind of fish, to name a few. One can also make a shake of protein powder, for example whey protein, mixed with fruits, vegetables, beetroots powder and more and drink. That way it is easy to combine in one meal, a large amount of nutrients that are healthy for the maintenance of sexual health; testosterone production, prostate health and general well-being. Watch out for the origin of the whey-protein, use quality raw material free from hormones, GMOs, toxins and other additives that may be harmful.

Coenzyme Q-10 ensures that the heart receives energy and aids in the production of ATP, which is the primary source of energy in cells. Q-10 is essential for all but is especially important for those who take cholesterol-lowering drugs – such as statin drugs, as they remove Q-10 from the body.

Almost all the B-vitamin group has in one way or another positive effect on the increase in testosterone. It is best to achieve synergy between them by combining them and as with so many other nutrients, it is desirable to get them from food. B12 and B6 are required to boost the amount of testosterone and are also necessary for its production. B12 is often lacking in people, especially as they grow older. B12 is important in the production and development of sperm, increases their mobility and the sperm count.

Probiotics – live bacteria and yeasts for the colon promote overall health and function of the intestines. They also support the immune system. In order for all of the above-mentioned nutrition, vitamins, herbs, oils etc. to be utilized and made use of, the digestive tract has to function properly. To do so, the bacterial flora – also called microbiota – must be in balance. We can look at the organisms living in the gastro-intestinal tract as workers in factories that process the nutrition from the food, produce certain substances and enable the body to make use of the nutrition. We are talking about a huge amount of species of bacteria, yeasts and fungus, each of which has a role to play. An average person is thought to have about 100 trillion of such in-house assistants.

In case the microbiota isn´t working properly, it might be a good idea to supplement with probiotics. One can get them from foods, such as fermented vegetables and cheese and from sour milk products like kefir and yogurt. Oral capsules with probiotics can also be purchased and swallowed. There is a difference between what is suitable for each individual, sour milk-based foods may be best suited to one while fermented vegetables to the other.

Prebiotic. These are indigestible fibres from food that nourish the microbiota. It assists them in producing nutrients for the cells of the colon and promotes a healthier digestive system. Prebiotics also have good effect on the metabolism of the body. Dandelion leaves and seaweed are examples of good foods for the microbiota because inulin fibres found in them contribute to increased numbers of good bacteria, reduce constipation and strengthen the immune system. Prebiotics are widely found, for example in oats, garlic, beans and berries etc. They are best used raw.

We could keep on for a long time still to write about good nutrition for men, but here we will not go deeper into that issue.
Eating healthy food is the most natural way for men to get the nutrients their bodies need, BUT one must be aware of the origin and processing methods of the food, to be able to choose wisely.
At Pure Natura we are proud of being able to offer products that are excellent nutritional supplements, made from the best available raw materials – real food – both from animal and plant origin. It is raw food, bursting with nutrition and prebiotics, free of any additives, toxins, hormones, GMO´s or any other substance that interferes with men’s health.
The most popular Pure Natura product for men today is called Pure Power – suitable for both gender. At the moment we are in the process of developing a special supplement for men only, that will soon be on the market. It will contain a collection of vital nutrition from wild growing plants and herbs, from the ocean and from animal glands, some of which are listed above. This supplement will be our contribution to the good health and wellbeing of our men.

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