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Pure Natura – The Original Icelandic Superfood

Icelandic whole food supplements

Icelandic natural supplements

Pure Natura products

Natures supplements from a clean environment

Icelandic lamb and herbs

The icelandic lamb roams freely out in the highlands during summer, feeding on wild grass, flowers and herbs.

Nutrients of natural origin

Our products are packed with nutrients, enzimes and vitamins of natural origin that benefit your body.

Quality production methods

Our production methods garantee that all the good ingredients are preserved and nothing is added.

GMO free

Iceland has a strict GMO policy and because our products originate from Iceland you can be sure that no products are genetically modified

Adaptogen herbs

In the Pure Natura product line we have some herbs and plants that fall within the definition of being called an adaptogen. The best known is...

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Senior nutrition

Malnutrition is it called when the body does not get enough nutrients from the food consumed to function properly. Nutrients are fats,...

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